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FR-2123H Concealed Door Closers




Max Door With 950MM
Max Door Weight  40~65KG
Power adjustable En3 En4 Optional
Hold-Open Optional
Back check  NO
Delay NO
Latching Speed Adjustment 0-20°
Closing Speed Adjustment 20°-180°
Application Temperature -40°-60°
Dimension:Length*Width*Height 230MM*57MM*32MM
Installation Size 20MM×260MM
Application Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Sports Venues, Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, EN1154&Fire-Rated
Material Aluminum Alloy
Service Life Over 500,000 Cycles
Speed Adjustment Two Stage Speed Adjustable

Fuchs Oil
Imported from germany, the mechanical life of fuchs oil is much longer than ordinary oil.

Material: 60Si 2 Mn good toughness, high strength, low temperature resistant, high fatigue resistance

45# steel high frequency quenching the surface(HRC 45-50 degree) to increase wearing quality, two surface treatments(rough grinding and accurate grinding), surface roughness Ra0.2um, cylindricity 0.005mm

Gear Shaft
Material:imported material 500,000 times of wear resistance test, can run normally at -40 degree and +60 degree, with strong sealing

Seal Ring
Imported seal ring ensure a long service life of GREENHERO's floor spring. also make it working smooth in extremely condition and no any leakage problem

Casting Body
Material:High strength die cast aluminum body processing using one-time clamping, multi-step process to complete the processing, no matter in the center distance and verticality of the piston hole and the gear hole are effectively controlled

The Introduction Of Installation Form

Top jamb vertical installation

Visible sliding guide installation

Pull side standard installation

Pull side standard installation

Push side paralle installation

Concealed installation

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