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In the correct view of China's development prospects, we will also consider the fire safety issues in these public facilities. Once the fires in the public areas cannot be controlled, the fire will spread quickly. This is unbearable for the people! Therefore, in recent years, the state has provided a lot of convenience for the development of our fire doors. It is important to carry out corresponding measurement standards for the quality of fire doors!

Speaking of the importance of the fire door has to say is its accessory door closer, this accessory is too important for the promotion of the fire door. It can be said that the door closer accounted for 50% in preventing the spread of fire. Despise; the important thing is that with the continuous development and expansion of fire doors, it also drives the development of the door closer product industry. Take the fire door closer application that we are going to talk about today. Its main advantage is that it can be quickly controlled by the electronic control method to prevent the fire from spreading when we find the fire!

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There must be a lot of dust falling on the side of the door of the fire door closer. If it is a long time, it will form very difficult dust, which will make the door closer switch very insensitive, and even form a severe phenomenon that cannot be switched. Problems, so it is very useful to use regular cleansing and cleaning, use clean towels and water, use neutral detergent without corrosive effect, remove dust and grease. After cleaning, use clean soft towel without moisture. After the wiping, it is prevented that the residual moisture is deepened to the door closer, and rust is formed or the internal structure is damaged.

Select the manufacturer's special smooth oil. The effect of this smooth oil is to make the internal parts moisturized, and also handle the switch door is not sensitive.

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